what it really takes

Let’s get down to business. Have you ever heard of the Iceberg Illusion? Normally, when you think of icebergs, you think of…


…but I am actually referring to this…

It can be hard to be a writer sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a writer and I will always be one. It’s a huge passion in my life, and I am grateful for it. However, I think sometimes people who don’t write can’t understand all of the aspects that go into creating a novel, picture book, short story, etc. One of the things that makes it hard for writers, is to come up against those lovely opinions such as: “Oh, so you just write the book and then you’re published, right?”

Well, actually no. When I was scrolling through social media the other day, I came across “The Iceberg Illusion” image above. I thought, “I need to print this out and carry it around with me.” I need to show this to people.

You know the drill…

It all starts with a wonderful, inspiring idea. You feel as though you’re looking at the grandest ship in the world.

You start to write, to create, to dive deep into a new world, and you churn out a project.

Then you have to face all of the other aspects that go into the writing world. It’s not just about the writing. Success is the tip of the iceberg, and everything else underneath the water is what creative folk actually face.

A lot of times, we as the writer are Jack, and our book is Rose…about to drown in the water if we don’t pull her up, if we don’t continue to believe.

Are you following me here? Why do I write this, you ask? Well, I’m not writing it for the people that don’t get what it takes to commit to the writing career path. I’m writing it for you. I’m writing it for the writer who is too hard on themselves and needs a friendly reminder that we are dealing with a lot. If it was always just us and our characters, things would be easy. However, that Iceberg Illusion is very much a real part of our journey.

At the end of the day, I urge you to celebrate it all. You are dedicated. You have worked hard and will continue to do so. The rejections won’t stop you. The Iceberg Illusion may look scary, but remember, you are doing what you love. And don’t forget…we have each other to turn to when it all becomes too much.

Tweet me your thoughts @AWritersWay. Thank you for joining me here today. You can look for a new post next Friday.

Until next time,


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