preparation begins

Last week, I finished the first draft of my novel. After a week of taking a little break, I realized just how anxious I was to begin revisions. My writing habits have been pretty strict since the beginning of the year, so it felt foreign to not be actively working on my book for an entire week.


But where to begin? Revising can be a little overwhelming. That’s when I realized it would be important to approach things with healthy expectations, balance, and organization. Normally, when I am trying to get organized I turn to new office supplies. Which brings me to the preparation of my revision adventure.


The very first thing I am going to do is read through the entire draft and mark away! I developed a bit of a color coding system to help. The first three points: expand, revise, and cut might seem obvious, but this is more of a first session of contemplating those points. I also decided to add character descriptions, world mechanics, and nightmares & visions so I can pay extra attention to the organization and development of those points.

My goal is to make it through this first read through by the end of the next week. So if you happen to see me over the next week, be sure to ask how many cups of coffee I’ve had that day.


Thanks for joining me here today. Tweet me your thoughts @AWritersWay. Remember, you can join me here every Thursday for new posts! (Even though these past two weeks have had new posts on different days…)

Until next time,


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