the tale of the self-imposed deadline

Once upon a time, Christine really needed a deadline. For writers that don’t have book contracts, it can be hard sometimes to stick to goals. Even when I am in the most motivated of moods, I still need a goal in mind. After attending BookCon a few weeks ago, my inspiration levels were at an all time high. With that, came a determined Christine, ready to give herself a self-imposed deadline, and talk in third person a lot. (You can read about how I calculated my daily word count goal here.)


I’m here to report that it is going FANTASTIC. I feel more alive than I have ever felt and am currently 100% supportive of the self-imposed deadline. I’m hoping that my high levels of inspiration last. As always, #5amWritersClub on Twitter has been a huge support. Writing before coming to my day job makes a big difference in my day. With all that said, I want to spread the motivation joy.

I have been doing my Magical Monday Motivation posts for a little while now and I am using my invisible fairy wand to turn that energy into a giveaway! Introducing my Magical Motivation Giveaway. This is my way of putting some creative energy out into the universe to further propel us all along with our projects. The contest will run from today until my self-imposed deadline day, July 15th! All of the fun is taking place on Twitter. The happy winner will receive the cool book title mug shown below and a $10 gift card to Amazon!!! Hopefully on that day, when I announce the winner, I will also be announcing that I finished the first draft of my novel.

unnamed (1)

Look how pretty this mug is…

unnamed (3)

…and who doesn’t love a gift card to Amazon? Promise me you’ll put it towards a book you want…


*Limited to US entries only*

Three Ways to Enter:

-Follow me @AWritersWay

-RT with the hashtag #MagicalMotivationGiveaway

Tweet me a .gif describing how you feel about your current W.I.P

Thanks for joining me here today. Tweet me your thoughts @AWritersWay. Remember, you can join me here every Thursday for new posts!

Until next time,


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