writer’s block emergency kit

We all talk about it…that thing that most people see as an excuse. That thing that many suffer from. That demon that whispers distractions in your head. That feeling when the words are just…not…coming. I’m talking about writer’s block.

I’m here today to tell you that I believe it is very real. I am currently in a pre-writer’s block phase with my novel. I’ve been working on a big fight scene for three days now. The words are coming slow, but they are coming! Normally, at this point, I may confuse the slow speed of ideas with writer’s block and throw myself into a full blown attack of, “I’m an awful writer.” Instead, I’m using this weeks post to be productive about it. I’ve come to learn that having writer’s block is an inevitable part of the writing life. The sea of inspiration inside of us ebbs and flows. Some days are great. Some days are terrible. A lot of days are in between. So, I got to thinking. What if I had a method to turn to that could assist me when I’m feeling blocked? Notice how I used the word, “assist.” I’m not going to lie to you and write that this is a cure. That wouldn’t be fair…and besides, I like you.

I present to you my 5-Step Recharge plan. I’ve used this exercise in my creative writing workshops a few times and the attendees seemed to respond well. It has personally helped me through some rough writing blocks. I hope that it can also assist you.

The idea is to answer all five questions and create a writer’s block emergency kit of sorts. That way, when you feel blocked you can turn to these answers and combine a few. For example, I mentioned that I’m in a pre-writer’s block phase. So, I’m going to take extra care and maybe light my favorite candle, listen to a few classical music pieces that I like, and make a fresh cup of coffee before my next writing session.

I want to take a moment to talk about Step 2. I often find myself blocked by my number one writing demon. You might know him…his name is Fear. He always says, “What will people think of you if they read this?” Sound familiar? Sometimes all it takes is acknowledging your demons. When I turn back to my list, I ask myself if I’m letting fear hold me back. If the answer is yes, it usually helps me to acknowledge that, release it, and move on.

Remember, no matter how hard your writing journey has been, you’re enough. Keep moving forward no matter what. Celebrate your passion.

Until next time,


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