breaking bad writing habits

Sometimes it’s hard to admit, but we all have them. I’m talking about bad writing habits. Have you ever noticed something in your writing through editing or perhaps a critique group that made your head spin? Recently, I was lucky enough to join a critique group. Joining alone was enough to boost my inspiration, but as the first meeting approached I was ready for it all. I wanted to hear the good, bad, and ugly about my current project.

Well, I got exactly what I wished for and a little more when a very embarrassing error was brought to my attention.


Do you see that word? Somehow, my brain had programmed itself to type that version in every occurrence. I had completely stopped using “its” and only used “it’s,” which is incredibly embarrassing. Obviously, I got over that embarrassment since I’m sharing it with all of you now, but for my first session in a new critique group? It wasn’t inspiring.

Over the next few days I caught myself doing it several times while writing. I’d be peacefully writing and then…


I needed to do something to make it stop.


Well, I’m here to report a few ways that have helped me break this habit:

  1. Become hyper aware of the error. I put a giant sticky note next to my computer that said, “IT IS Christine!!!!”
  2. Use that handy “Find & Replace” tool on Microsoft Word. If your mind slips, it will save you.
  3. Be kind to yourself and keep writing. We all make mistakes. You will evolve if you try.

Here’s hoping the advice I gave myself, helps you too! What type of bad writing habits do you have? How did you break them?

Thanks for joining me here today. Tweet me your thoughts @AWritersWay. Remember, you can join me here every Thursday for new posts!

Until next time,


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