national novel writing month is right around the corner

Why in the world haven’t I been blogging? Well, I can be quite forgetful…but don’t worry…I’m back! Why, you ask? National Novel Writing Month is just a few days away. My last CampNaNoWriMo attempt didn’t work out so well, but I have a feeling this one will!

So, what have I been up to?

For about two months, I’ve had a regimen of writing five pages a week. However, for the past two weeks I’ve been moving into a new place with my boyfriend.


Higitus Figitus! It has been a blast! Lots of books to pack and move = less time for writing.


…but now we are happily settled in our cozy new home and ready to get back to our writing goals.

As you probably know, November is National Novel Writing Month and I am a huge supporter of the NaNoWriMo organization. They’ve provided me with a lot of encouragement over the years and I enjoy the sense of community that seems to come alive on social media during their events.


Working a full time job and finding time to unwind is hard, but tack on a word count goal of 50,000 words in 30 days and well…that’s super overwhelming for me. I was happy to discover something that I haven’t noticed before while browsing It’s called “Goal Tracker” and it allows you to customize your goals!

Drum roll please…

Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 7.27.53 PM

10,000 words may not seem like a lot to some of you, but I will be more than thrilled if I can manage to add 10,000 new words to my current W.I.P.! As of right now my current word count is at 23,718. Because my overall goal for this W.I.P. is to finish the first draft by February, I’d be happy to break the 30,000 words mark over the next month.

How about you? Are you customizing NaNoWriMo or are you sticking to 50,000 words? Either way, cheers to you! Bring on the coffee and chat with me on Twitter @AWritersWay.


Until next time,


2 thoughts on “national novel writing month is right around the corner

  1. Oh my god! NaNo now lets us customize?! *disappears to customize hers then comes back* Ok so my goal is now 30k. Which equals out to about 1,000 a day. It’s great for someone like me who is really trying to just develop a regular writing routine and get a good start on their project. Especially since i’m not sure how many words this project will actually turn out to be!

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