CampNaNoWriMo Re-Cap & May Goals

Now that April is over, I can tell you that I successfully survived CampNaNoWriMo and met my writing goal! Can I get a woot woot?

Sure, 10,000 words of progress might not seem like a lot to some of you, but it was surely a lot for me! My plan to make progress on my MFA Application along with my poetry and fiction projects seemed like an impossible feat, but I made it. Here’s the proof…

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 12.58.14 PM

After a busy month, I’m excited about what’s ahead. During April I managed to host three poetry events, finish the first draft of my MFA application (5 page critical essay, 25 pages of fiction, 10 pages of poetry, and an introductory essay), and work my full time job!


…now what?

It’s important to have writing goals even when we aren’t participating in these wonderful events, right? I’ve spent the last two days pondering what my goal for May should be.

I will of course be spending time editing my MFA application and will continue working on my poetry when inspiration strikes. However, I am most excited about the time that I will continue to dedicate to my new project. I haven’t mentioned on here yet what my new project is specifically, but you can probably guess that it is a work of fiction! I’ve decided to set a goal of writing 20 more pages of said project. While it was a lot of fun to work on so many different things last month, sometimes it’s nice to dedicate all of your creative energy to one thing…


Because I want to go back to handwriting in the journal I carry around, it will be easier to keep with a page count. (Don’t worry, they’re giant pages…I’m not trying to cheat here people…) While I love having a word count goal, there is EXTREME pressure to be typing everything out immediately. I like the feeling of handwriting the pages and then typing them up when a chapter is done. Anyone else agree?

So, there ya have it! 20 pages during the month of May!

Until next time,


One thought on “CampNaNoWriMo Re-Cap & May Goals

  1. A page count! Brilliant! Even when handwriting I’d been giving myself word count, which made it very daunting and made me kind of cringe. But lately I’ve been feeling more like handwriting things than typing. I think in the future I shall try your page count idea and see how it works out for me 😀

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