Muse Food. 

You know the moment when inspiration strikes? It fills you up with a rejuvenating breath of fresh air that you assume you can live on for a long time. Sometimes that’s true, but it isn’t always the case. We need to feed our muse to keep it alive. For me, it usually comes down to a secret list that I have tucked away in the back of my mind entitled, “People, Places, & Things That Inspire Me.” Some of those people, places, and things are easily achieved/found/around, while some are more rare. So what happens when you think you’re going to get some really tasty muse food and it’s taken away? 
The answer is pure frustration. 

Most of the time when things like that happen you don’t want to return to old faithful and attempt to re-fuel. However, I was so desperate today that I tried something that usually always works. Nope. It turns out I couldn’t get over the disappointment of the better item on the list. 

As I further reflected on why I was feeling so defeated, I realized that sometimes we just have to embrace the difficulties of the day and let it go. The important thing is to protect your muse from the negative nonsense that might be hovering around it. Sure, my muse might be hungry and sleepy…but it’s still there. I made sure to sweep away all of the demons that were trying to hurt it. Tomorrow is a new day, and I will surely find some splendid muse food. 

Until next time,


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